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Product Formulation Experts

The flavor of your product plays a significant role in how it sells. A drink powder or supplement can have immense nutritional value, but you won’t reach your full potential audience if it has an undesirable taste. At Nutra Coast, we specialize in custom flavor development for supplement products. Our experts create great-tasting flavors that draw consumers to your brand and keep them coming back for more. 

Whether your powder is a sports supplement, a greens mix, or a flavorful broth, the professional development team at Nutra Coast will work closely with you to design and implement the perfect product formula. Through experienced collaboration with our clients, we create one of a kind, top-quality products that rise above the competition and attract the consumer’s attention. 

Partnering with Nutra Coast means we immediately become a team with a common interest in your company’s success. Our specialists provide all the support and guidance you need to create a great-tasting and top-quality product. Nutra Coast experts are eager to collaborate with your brand, offering decades of industry knowledge while listening to your desires and concerns.

At Nutra Coast, we offer far more than custom flavor development. We’re a full-service company, providing end-to-end supplement production. Many of our clients have brilliant ideas, but they’re not sure how to turn them into realities. That’s where our specialists step in. Product formulation, manufacturing, and custom packaging are a few of the many expert services we provide. 

Proven Flavoring Solutions

One of the biggest advantages of working with Nutra Coast is our proven speed and expertise in flavoring. Once we have your formulation perfected, we will rifle samples out until it’s exactly what you have envisioned. Want to try new flavors? The options are unlimited with Nutra Coast at your side!

The Right Flavor Leads to Success​

For decades, vitamins and supplements were known for their undesirable flavors. They were something consumers choked down solely for the nutritional benefits. Supplement flavoring has completely changed the game. At Nutra Coast, we encourage you to make great-tasting nutritional products your customers want to consume. Custom flavoring means creating original flavors that are as tasty as your products are nutritious.

Protein and green drink powders are two of many health-driven supplements previously known for their less-than-desirable flavors. Nutra Coast’s product formulation experts are changing how consumers view supplements. We develop delicious supplement flavors that take our clients’ products leaps above the competition.

We’re willing to tweak flavors countless times to ensure they’re pleasing to the palette and stand above others in your market. Our Nutra Coast flavor development specialists also ensure the product’s color matches its flavor. We take even the most minute details into account, ensuring the product lives up to your and your customers’ high expectations.

Nutra Coast has a strong reputation for expertise in flavoring powder supplements using cost-effective natural extracts, artificial flavoring, or a combination of both. We implement strict procedural and safety guidelines throughout the flavor development process. When you work with Nutra Coast, your company’s success becomes our priority.

The right flavor encourages consumers to choose your brand and come back for more when they run low. Nutra Coast’s flavor development expertise and your product’s unique nutritional value are an unstoppable combination. Contact us to learn more about using custom flavor development to turn your nutritional powder into something your customers crave.