Stick Packs

Stick Packs

Product Formulation Experts

Stick packs, or stick pouches, make nutritional powders more convenient for people on the go. Designed for one-time use, powder stick packs are an economical, environmental, and travel-friendly way to help your product reach the masses. You’ve seen them before. They’re those skinny, cylindrical pouches that offer a single serving of your favorite nutritional powder or drink mix.

Stick packets need to be compact, easy to open, and eye-catching. At Nutra Coast, we know the importance of your brand standing apart and leaving a lasting impression. Stick pouches a cost-effective packaging option compared to the larger rectangular products many consumers remember from the past. At Nutra Coast, production rates for custom stick packs are high and costs per unit are low.

All Nutra Coast stick pouches are durable and protective to keep your product fresh and preventing contamination. Their compact size allows them to fit just about anywhere, from your pocket to a backpack or gym bag, and you don’t have to worry about spilling. There’s no measuring servings or lugging around a big container. Stick packs make using your product easier.

Nutra Coast is your one-stop stick pack contract manufacturer. We understand that your product is unique, and we create the packaging that helps it sell. Nutra Coast stick pack filling and pouches are made in-house, ensuring flawless end-to-end production.

Our Expertise

Nutra Coast streamlines your product manufacturing, from developing and formulating flavored powders to creating the ideal packaging. Much of our focus is on nutritional powders and single-serving packaging like stick packs. We’re passionate about creating high-quality, sustainable, and attractive packaging that leads you to success.

Nutra Coast’s decades of supply chain experience ensure the production and packaging processes go off without a hitch. The moment you decide to work with us, you become a member of our team. We’ll offer all the collaboration, support, and guidance necessary to create the most impressive and functional packaging for your product. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and when you’re satisfied with the end product, your customers are too.

Contact us to learn more about stick pouches or to start creating your product’s new single-use packaging today.